Autism Professionals Awards and The Yard

The Autism Professionals Awards held their 4th annual awards ceremony on Tuesday 02 March and The Yard was proudly nominated as finalists for the Outstanding Family Support award.

In collaboration with The National Autistic Society, The Yard was entered into the awards, along with a record number 217 entrants, highlighting the scope of positive change and support towards those on the autism spectrum and their family. Our very own, Celine, Rachel and Danielle were there to represent The Yard at the Telford International Centre.

Rachel, Celine, Danielle
Rachel, Danielle & Celine represent The Yard at the Autism Professionals Awards 2016

Although The Yard did not win, we are truly thankful to be nominated and become finalists. Positioning in the final three for Outstanding Family Support truly highlights the excellence in care and support that we aim to provide every day.

Congratulations to The National Autistic Society Pro Bono Team, Exchange Chambers who did win the award, and everyone else who attended and participated. It was a fantastic night that was truly enjoyed by all.  The display of inspirational individuals and organisations being produced throughout the country was truly refreshing. We are extremely proud to be associated with the Autism Professionals Awards and extremely enthusiastic for the future of autism support.

2016 Autism Professionals Awards. Tuesday 1st March 2016, Telford. Celebrating creativity and innovation. The National Autistic Society

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  1. An autism mom like me finds this kind of stuff very exciting! Thanks for what you do!!!


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