Tesco Bank’s target sky rockets!

What a wonderful Tuesday we had at The Yard this week, the sun was shining, kids were playing and Tesco Bank came to in to donate an amazing £58,402!

Last year The Yard was chosen as one of Tesco Bank’s Charity Partners, with an aim of raising £40,000 towards our schools program. In the year that followed all sorts of activities have taken place inside and outside of Tesco Bank HQ, from Golf Days to Half Marathons, to Bake Offs and raffles. The staff at Tesco Bank have pulled out all the stops to ensure they hit their target, with one team running over 3 miles every day over Christmas.

Tesco Bank 10
A selection of Tesco Banks fundraising efforts and celebrations!

We want to say a big thank you to everybody at Tesco Bank who helped raised such a massive sum of money. It is an amazing achievement and one that will help schools all over Edinburgh and the surrounding area visit The Yard to play, laugh and grow.

If only every Tuesday could be like this!

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